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  1. Your program is exceptionally awesome, enlivening, a fountain of wisdom. I trust the experiences shared.This is a great service to life. Thanks a million.

  2. Hi I am interested in talking with you about treating what i believe to be leaky gut, maybe some parasites, and candida overgrowth, i have been sick with it for years, i just had recent labs, stool analysis, saliva tests, and i definitely have some yeast and some other bacterial infection in the intestine. I have been wanting to take a intestinal permeability test for years but for some reason the Dr.’s that i have seen will push me the other way and then my lethargic brain will forget that that was my main reason for seeing the dr. in the first place. Let me know if you think you can help me in any way, i would love to take a blood test that look for protoplasts. Thanks
    Michael 808-769-7299

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